12 Ways Brands Can Respond to Increasing Demand for Purpose-Driven Products and Services

As has been the case consistently over the last ten years, the Sustainable Brands community has delivered a world class line-up of thought leaders and practitioners leading the way with transformative values, creativity and the resulting new products, services and stakeholder engagement campaigns facilitating the transition to a sustainable economy. By outlining key macro trends, brand stories and science-based evidence, speakers have proven that purpose-driven brands are quickly becoming essential to surviving and thriving as a business in a complex 21st century economy.

This handpicked series of highlights points to some of the most valuable content for the benefit of the entire Sustainable Brands community, arranged in a logical order that helps answer the questions surrounding the increasing demand for purpose-driven products and services. You will find key new insights shared through video, audio, slides and other resources to further your learning. We hope the thought leadership and case studies referenced below inspire new ideas and help you contribute to a more sustainable economy for all of us.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand the globally relevant and increasingly influential Millennials and Aspirationals. 
  • Find the latest tools for real-time market intelligence gathering and smart interaction with stakeholders. 
  • Discover how engaging faith-based communities can drive sustainable business.
  • Explore what underlies the success of the world’s first billion-dollar sustainable brands, also known as the Green Giants. 
  • Find out what it takes to be smart and strategic about engaging the C-Suite and the Board.
  • Learn how to conceive, build and activate brands that are truly purpose-driven.
  • Understand how to find and execute the right innovative partnerships.

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